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"You would rule out the possibility that a higher intelligence, besides mother nature herself, is directing the growth of the human family, spiritually, over time?"

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  1. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Vugor7 months ago

    No, they won't because they are blind to the evidence as you are.

  2. Tegami
    Tegami6 months ago

    See what I mean?

  3. Знакомства
    Brashura6 months ago

    Am I what now?

  4. Brara
    Brara6 months ago

    This dude is such an asshole.

  5. Shalabar
    Shalabar6 months ago

    Not sure which those are.

  6. Знакомства
    Kektilar6 months ago

    If you want to talk dishonesty we can talk about the history of north and South America and invasion/colonization.

  7. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Akinodal6 months ago

    Ok, I'll edit, but I sort of thought asking why evolution didn't happen sort of ties in.

  8. Bara
    Bara6 months ago

    I am too smart to back Marxism or anti-theism, but Karl Mark promoted a system that did exactly that. Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot followed their master.

  9. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Grojora5 months ago

    Being gross and inappropriate is actually sexual harassment. It's extremely disappointing how many men don't know that.

  10. Zuk
    Zuk5 months ago

    Heavy on the judgment and misogyny? A young woman has a sexual encounter, and all you have are words about what a dirty slut she is. It's seriously right there in what you wrote.

  11. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Milmaran5 months ago

    Aww, don't you like dogs?

  12. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Tygogami5 months ago

    I dont like your views on socialism and I challenged you on that. It wasnt personal, outside of that ive always tried to be cool, fun and sarcastic. It might not translate that way but believe me, thats who I am. The OP has been derailed again...We could have had this conversation elsewhere too.

  13. Akilkree
    Akilkree5 months ago

    at the time, the islamic world was far more advanced than europe. you also have the mongol invasion that coincided with the height of the crusades which then devastated the heart of the islamic world.

  14. Fenrinris
    Fenrinris4 months ago

    Clearly we need a socialist redistribution of relationships. Or not. Or I don't actually really care and am making a joke of everything.

  15. Знакомства
    Gunris4 months ago

    Is that not a form of narcissistic morality? Does it not come from inside that particular person? It matters not what the person believes. That belief is internal and therefore subjective. There is no such thing as "objective" morality. Morals come from the inside.

  16. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Feshicage4 months ago

    Which Bible? I am aware of at least 5 significantly different edits on the Books of the Bible: 1 Roman Catholic, 1 Protestant, 3 Orthodox Christian. And even then, the "Bible" is a book created by a committee of humans. The books of the Bible refer to texts thought sacred by the authors that the compilers refused to include. So, who is right about the missing books, the authors of the Bible citing them or the Bible compilers who chose to leave them out?

  17. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Nikoshura4 months ago

    The water will not stop coming out of the faucet until you turn the handle. then it slows a little at a time till it is off

  18. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Votaxe4 months ago

    a bunch of them are spammers...... and the rest have just been to blatantly stupid and trollish...... lol....

  19. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Gardakus4 months ago

    I do! You know a place? ;)

  20. Maubei
    Maubei4 months ago

    If you need me to point it out, you may need to devote some more time to introspection.

  21. Tezil
    Tezil3 months ago

    Spiderman lives in a book, therefore spiderman is real?

  22. Знакомства
    Fet3 months ago

    wow that was almost a coherent thought lol don't forget the

  23. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    Fezilkree3 months ago

    Pantyhose, closed toed shoes, and hats are required inside the chapel.

  24. Hairy Sexy Naked Pics
    JoJozshura3 months ago

    I did not see a comment where anyone stated what you are claiming.

  25. Mezijar
    Mezijar2 months ago

    I would assume if a researcher had found evidence of the historical truth of the Bible myths, it would be mentioned in the reviews. After all, these are the works you pointed to to prove there was historical proof of the myths.

  26. Kazragis
    Kazragis2 months ago

    Not drowning at all. Our growth vastly outstrips the debt servicing. That is why the smart conservatives don't talk about it.

  27. Yozshumuro
    Yozshumuro2 months ago

    Trump is being played by China

  28. Brajind
    Brajind2 months ago

    Quit wasting your finger muscles on this one. You can't save them all!!!

  29. Gardalrajas
    Gardalrajas2 months ago

    It means you NEED the D

  30. Kaganris
    Kaganris2 months ago

    So you know yer abc's do you want a metal??? is that it?

  31. Salrajas
    Salrajas2 months ago

    Maybe that is why I don't feel the need for a god. My heart is already full.

  32. Знакомства
    Zolole2 months ago

    Dont...... some would agree in all seriousness.

  33. Kazizuru
    Kazizuru1 month ago

    not usually. What kind of food are they talking about?

  34. Знакомства
    Migore1 month ago

    Be a lot easier if the boomers weren't limiting the supply of housing in every possible way. "We don't want you to build on the greenbelt: it decreases our property values. We don't want you to build low rise apartment buildings: it decreases our property values. We don't want you to take out massive debt to purchase a house: it decreases our property values. We don't want to build government owned rental housing: it decreases our property values. Say: what's wrong with all you kids? Why are all you kids still living at home? Why don't you go get your own place?"

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