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"Nope. No child is born a theist."

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  1. Adult review video sample clip free
    Kazrajar8 months ago

    They are the Babies and older Children of God. They have to grow up. They need to focus on becoming fully Grown. Their they will find the wisdom of Jesus.

  2. Nigrel
    Nigrel8 months ago

    There is some historical basis to it. The US is one of the first countries where private ownership of arms was not only encouraged, but codified into the core legal documents with the 2nd amendment. That was followed by an expansion to the west that had firearms as a very real survival tool for use against wildlife as much as other hostile people. That part didn't end until about 100 years ago. I am personally one generation removed from a rifle being the primary source of meat for the family (dad learned how to shoot squirrel from grandpa, grandpa's proud record of going out with 2 .22 shells and coming home with 2 critters almost every time). It's less evident around large established cities like New York or Chicago, but in the south and southwest, it's much more common. I had high school friends who had gun racks in their trucks, sometimes with guns in them. It wasn't til my junior year that they were getting sent home for that.

  3. Tudal
    Tudal8 months ago

    Except if you want to avoid reinventing the wheel, or ignoring that the wheel was invented, like R Dawkins talking about the importance of being good, and the like, as a recent OP pointed out. Except for leaving out the convenient fact that that objective has achieved its greatest success in the religious context of relating to God the Creator.

  4. Adult review video sample clip free
    Nall8 months ago

    Why are you so stupid and arrogant?

  5. Знакомства
    Yojin8 months ago

    Turd gurgling libtard loser.

  6. Mikarg
    Mikarg7 months ago

    You banned Killgrave?!?!?

  7. Adult review video sample clip free
    Mekinos7 months ago

    Heyo, this is a great point, and I think one that only happens because we take for granted Christian theism as the viable option against atheism (as opposed to something like Deism). Let me explain what I mean.

  8. Karan
    Karan7 months ago

    I don't think there would be any planets or solar system without a creator. But you said "what would a world look like", which presumes a world. So if a world should arise at random and no creator did anything to it, you'd have a barren world, like the moon. There definitely could be no life anywhere without an active creator.

  9. Adult review video sample clip free
    Yozragore7 months ago

    That's a very idiosyncratic view of the meaning of "modernism", and as regards Platonic forms is flatly false. Democritus was no Platonist, having preceded him, and invented the foundations of the scientific method as well as having formulated an atomistic view of the plan and working of nature.

  10. Знакомства
    Moogusar7 months ago

    Everything is on the same spectrum. If were going to ask the question were going to have to ask ALL of the questions.

  11. Adult review video sample clip free
    Akim7 months ago

    Angels were Jewish??? LOL

  12. Знакомства
    Samutaur7 months ago

    "So then, why is this level of criticism and debate NOT applied to the LGBTQ community who is clearly engaging in indoctrination?"

  13. Adult review video sample clip free
    Torr6 months ago

    Popcorn. "You are not worth what I paid you"... From a former boss after I saved his butt...

  14. Знакомства
    Fenrill6 months ago

    But if praying for guidance for truth works, why doesn?t it?

  15. Nanos
    Nanos6 months ago

    An extremely few of these internet atheists know anything about their god science. Not to be confused with science

  16. Molkree
    Molkree6 months ago

    I either never knew, or forgot you had twins...cool

  17. Знакомства
    Mer6 months ago

    I clicked it half expecting to find something I could sympathize with -- some human faces for the movement. It really was nothing more than an insanely sexist, homophobic, and racist hate-fest on there. The members frequently bashed one another and told others to commit suicide too. Lovely crowd.

  18. Yosida
    Yosida5 months ago

    I think such a being would like to get lost into the show.

  19. Fejinn
    Fejinn5 months ago

    Sounds good. I just tagged you in a comment in a place that we can talk about this on disqus.

  20. Adult review video sample clip free
    Kajas5 months ago

    Just a slob like one of us

  21. Kagara
    Kagara5 months ago

    Close, but not close enough to argue they are the same, as you did.

  22. Kelkree
    Kelkree5 months ago

    Yes. I wish I was still sleeping. Why am I even on here. Lol. Have a good one.

  23. Adult review video sample clip free
    Mezilkree4 months ago

    Not saying all societies, but there is evidence of what we consider horrible atrocities through out history. The Spartans would kill a baby if it did not meet exacting standards, The Aztecs scarified humans and let the blood run through the city to satisfy their god, Cannibalism was rampant in Papua New Guinea until the last century. All considered moral in each society described.

  24. Знакомства
    Malam4 months ago

    1534, but don't let that stop you. I believe you've got to go claim the Jesuits sank the Titanic.

  25. Mazubar
    Mazubar4 months ago

    That I was born with a penis.

  26. Yorg
    Yorg4 months ago

    I did not say that there is no such thing as free will. Read my statement again.

  27. Vihn
    Vihn4 months ago

    That's an asinine argument. Did the scientists who figured out water was composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen need to come up with a purely hypothetical alternative too?? It's up to the folks that disagree with evolution to provide a testable alternative, not the folks who recognize evolution is reality.

  28. Знакомства
    Shaktishicage4 months ago

    Pffft - I don't need to date that bad.

  29. Знакомства
    Vizragore4 months ago

    Another way to look is that this "unknown god" had an, imperfect, arrogant and malevolent son, created by mistake by his mother Sophia and he created seven minor deities -the Dark Archons- among them Yahweh, a jealous, wrathful and vindictive killer! Don't we read such a thing in the OT? As for what he incorporated in him, please read the Ugaritic texts and Nag Hammadi library!

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