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"The something that needs be done is at a personal level. When students (hopefully with guidance from parents) look at college or trade schools as the first step to providing a living instead of a continuation of high school, then things will improve for them."

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He giggled like a little kid as he saw a cardboard sign with instructions written on it to kindly empty mpnkey sperm from used rubbers into a plastic mug next to it. Please!!!" Hannah wailed, shaking her head in protest. "What happened to you Darren?" I asked.

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  1. Spank the monkey sex
    Nerr9 months ago

    Empirically, I do find it fascinating that there seems to be lots of engineers who are theists. As compared to biologists.

  2. Знакомства
    Garisar8 months ago

    My personal take... if you truly cared you could of waited. But that is just me.

  3. Maugul
    Maugul8 months ago

    When I was about 6 or 7, I thought that God did evolution. Basically, what happened was that my grandfather bred dogs so I'd quite literally watched evolution happening in the form of mild selective pressure against light-coloured eyes. I also thought that God was all-powerful at that age like Santa.

  4. Zolomi
    Zolomi8 months ago

    They were once so beautiful - sad !

  5. JoJobei
    JoJobei8 months ago

    I do get. I'm trying to get you to see the other side of the equation. What if YOU were on the receiving end of dependency because of the actions of someone else? How would YOU feel if you were denied help by the same people who placed you in dependency?

  6. Знакомства
    Zukus8 months ago

    Microaggression just basically means anyone saying anything you don't like whether it is said directly to you or in your presence. It's ridiculous. A lot of people say they believe in civil rights until those rights extend to someone they don't like or who they disagree with. Then they want to silence that person by using censorship words like "hate speech" and "microaggressions"

  7. Samukora
    Samukora8 months ago

    I wasn't goint to reply to this earlier because its so ridiculous on its face. Only licensed people can own guns, and you have to have a rock solid reason for needing one and according to Australian law, self defense isn't a valid reason, which essentially bans everyone from owning a gun.

  8. Знакомства
    Meztizahn8 months ago

    So no true Irish are for this? They are all foreigners or if not then the deserve to be?

  9. Знакомства
    Fenrilkis8 months ago

    How do you know?

  10. Spank the monkey sex
    Arakus8 months ago

    Is that Tone Loc? I love Tone Loc. Funky Cold Medina.

  11. Tojajind
    Tojajind8 months ago

    Because a "generic" (actually unknown) Creator covers a much wider array of possible options and therefore has higher probability. Also note that the Creator need not be limited to deities...

  12. Kajilkis
    Kajilkis8 months ago

    If people would just read the words as they were written as God intended them to be then there would be no issues.

  13. Branris
    Branris7 months ago

    You should hear my youngest Dancy..she can make a rock laugh, just from her voice. She sounds like a round little old lady guffawing ????????????

  14. Arajin
    Arajin7 months ago

    Yeah , your point is?

  15. Spank the monkey sex
    Dataur7 months ago

    He "died in a horrible way so that we may have the outside chance of being saved." Seriously, what?

  16. Mokus
    Mokus7 months ago

    I don't know, getting through this newborn stage we might contribute to the negative birth rate. lol

  17. Mazugul
    Mazugul7 months ago

    Still vague. SPECIFIC evidence of a crime.

  18. Spank the monkey sex
    Gardarg7 months ago

    Meghan's mother has entered the chapel. Dreadlocks look gorgeous and she's glowing. I love that she wore her locks.

  19. Moogujas
    Moogujas7 months ago

    Perhaps, 'nothing' is inherently unstable and decays into 'something'.

  20. Magis
    Magis6 months ago

    Does this mean you're gonna be smoking the ganja to get that high?

  21. Знакомства
    Tojin6 months ago

    The Tooth Fairy doesn't exist? Santa Claus? Easter Bunny? Well, I'd agree that they don't physically exists, but their "sentiment" does.

  22. Tojalabar
    Tojalabar6 months ago

    I agree that there are many different opinions. But there is also the majority opinion by scholars.

  23. Spank the monkey sex
    Nele6 months ago

    Let's hope Wynne's legacy ends up being Liberal official party status ending.

  24. Torn
    Torn6 months ago

    If one decides to use a word in a different sense or meaning than the accepted definition, communication ceases to be meaningful or possible.

  25. Знакомства
    Faelmaran6 months ago

    3 rings is child's play... ????

  26. Spank the monkey sex
    Akit5 months ago

    Like the 'revolutions' in Syria and Libya? I covered that in my post.

  27. Dobei
    Dobei5 months ago

    This made me lol too. Tone sure is missing in text..cause it might be they could sound like a duck, then again, not! Haha.

  28. Nera
    Nera5 months ago

    Let's see what one of the founding fathers stated about religion in public schools shall we? Thomas Jefferson and his Elementary School Act:

  29. Spank the monkey sex
    Got5 months ago

    Bah. In the scheme of things, is peer-pressure really a better reason for moral action than post-death investment returns?

  30. Dozuru
    Dozuru4 months ago

    "She Stole My Tricycle" could have been the rough first draft of Queen's "I Like To Ride My Bicycle". That made me laugh hard Yvonne..your entire hashtag comment.

  31. Знакомства
    Mulrajas4 months ago

    Proof, she rode a Pinto before work.

  32. Spank the monkey sex
    Arajinn4 months ago

    ...no matter what you do in your life, whatever your achievement might be you are going to loose it.. you are going to die and pass away... that is upon all of us... whatever you did might be passed on to your love ones and then what will they do, they might just fart it all off, The kingdom of heaven is a kingdom which God has established to continue on forever. He has determined to bring inhabitants from out of this world to live in his kingdom forever....where all of the pains of this present evil world shall not come. Jesus has come and accepted all responsibility of sin upon himself... That is God himself come into the earth, to rescue us from our own sin nature which he cannot allow to leave this planet. As you can see how we behave , God cannot allow that to enter into the Heavens... for then there would be bloodshed and war forever!!..

  33. Знакомства
    Gogrel4 months ago

    Byzantium and the Muslims are coming as an "Alternate History without Christianity" discussion. You will have your moment!

  34. Spank the monkey sex
    Arashit4 months ago

    We have prisons that are full thanks to the unnecessary war on drugs. Our prison system isn't "full" because of deranged and murderous little scumbags like the shooter that tried shooting up this school

  35. Yolabar
    Yolabar3 months ago

    The KKK, most of the neo Nazis.

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