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Sperm dna damage due to alcohol

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"Being a collection of myth doesn't rule out being particularly inspired."

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Stay here, and rest, you are protected from the doomsday death cloud.

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  1. Знакомства
    Yojind8 months ago

    LOL,aww your mad LOL

  2. Arashigul
    Arashigul7 months ago

    I think you meant that somehow the first part of the First Amendment was not about the issues we're dealing with today. Is that an invalid interpretation?

  3. Mik
    Mik7 months ago

    Placebo Jesus changes the lives of many Christians. And Zombie Jesus is today in heaven with his disciples. Of course no one else will arrive until the final judgement which the Buybull assures us will occur "very soon" just like it has promised for 2,000 years.

  4. Tobei
    Tobei7 months ago

    My balls itched yesterday. It was also the day after Mother's Day. Luckily I scratched my balls. I hope the itch is done. Praise me.

  5. Sperm dna damage due to alcohol
    Vole7 months ago

    rice steamers ,and crock pots,, and microvaves are gifts from god,,

  6. Sperm dna damage due to alcohol
    Negul7 months ago

    not gonna happen, I have no PC at home and I don't see nsfw stuff at work

  7. Tutaur
    Tutaur6 months ago

    Only if you don't believe there's good and evil. We are pulled one way or the other, but always know right from wrong. That's no surprise, some how there's a source for each. God one side, all good, the absence of any good the other.

  8. Met
    Met6 months ago

    BS. I did not say this is the exclusive domain of anyone. But my understanding of history lays the main part of it at the feet of atheists, communists, and fundie fakes of all types. Including the fundie fakes like Soros, that pretend to be funding for socialistic goodness (which does not exist), while actually salivating to own and control one vast despotic people farm. And then to see you say such ilk have morals as good as anyone else. What slobbering nonsense. If atheists' morals were as good as anyone else, the nation would not be unraveling and children would not be being so thoroughly groomed and trained into nonsense and depravity.

  9. Sperm dna damage due to alcohol
    Aranris6 months ago

    I took next Monday off for a drs appt, then to go watch the new Deadpool movie

  10. Знакомства
    Kazijas6 months ago

    he is proven to me and a great hosts of others... you will have no excuse in that day!!

  11. Sperm dna damage due to alcohol
    Kagaramar6 months ago

    I think this would be relevant if it were like... 1999 or 2000. But in this day and age, it's pretty normal to make and meet online friends irl. Maybe see if he could drop her off and she could briefly introduce them to him before he made his exit.

  12. Sperm dna damage due to alcohol
    Gutaur5 months ago

    Okay. You qualified it with an impertinent statement and then ignore religious implications in the rest of the post. Got it. (eye roll)

  13. Sperm dna damage due to alcohol
    Voodoolkis5 months ago

    I am a believer w/no knowledge of God other than what the Bible

  14. Sperm dna damage due to alcohol
    Akinoshakar5 months ago

    Yeah, loophole. Out of one side of your mouth you say god is all powerful, out of the other side you say god is not to blame, that there is another magical being that just does as he wishes. That is a loophole.

  15. Fenridal
    Fenridal5 months ago

    No, that's not 100% true. You are leaving out some important parts. It only "freed" the slaves in the States that were in Rebellion, territory the Union had no control over. Not a single slave was freed in the Border States, nor in any State the Union had control. All the slaves in the USA were not freed until Dec.18, 1865......many months after the War to End Slavery (in the South only) was over and done with. Maybe you should read that document again.....all of it, and refrain from cherry-picking the parts you like and ignoring the parts that doesn't fit your agenda.

  16. Melkree
    Melkree4 months ago

    They would be so lucky to have him as he's swoll now?

  17. Tonris
    Tonris4 months ago

    So, paint yourself blue.

  18. Kajijinn
    Kajijinn4 months ago

    It takes me months to remember a persons name.

  19. Знакомства
    Volkis4 months ago

    When were you ever a ruler of anything to make that determination?

  20. Знакомства
    Kenris4 months ago

    Well, from my personal experience, I would have to respectfully disagree. I suffer from social anxiety disorder, and am as crazy as a loon (no, really, my wife tells me that all the time, and you know she's always right). I can definitely distinguish between rude and not rude.

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