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"Biodegradable burial pod. Plant a tree right above it and your loved one nurtures the tree. Sort of romantic, thinking that your loved one is part of the tree."

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Orgasm Compilation

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  1. Terr
    Terr8 months ago

    No. My argument is that if Jesus is not everything that Christianity says he was then there is no reason to be aware of him from a historic perspective than there is to be aware of the guy named Jesus who does my lawn.

  2. Free gay latino web sites Naked Images
    Arashidal8 months ago

    Ah yes, us trying to prevent innocent people from being executed. Damn those laws.

  3. Kizshura
    Kizshura8 months ago

    The Christian ideal that marriage is designed for a man and a woman, not a man and man or woman and woman is what I'm referencing.

  4. Zolorn
    Zolorn8 months ago

    She was injured? Trumps pecker too big?

  5. Знакомства
    Muzil8 months ago

    My buddy and his 3rd ex wife. She was a total Bia and he was joe chill. I?m amazed it lasted 5 years (mostly due to having a kid together).

  6. JoJomi
    JoJomi8 months ago

    My thread has been pushed to next week.

  7. Dusida
    Dusida8 months ago

    Like I care what a child who hides his comment history "thinks."

  8. Akik
    Akik7 months ago

    And yet, both you and I can fully see the fraud of Sai Baba for what it is. But believers refuse to see it. But to accept the bible as true, I have to accept the claims of believers, which as we can tell can be very unreliable.

  9. Kezahn
    Kezahn7 months ago

    Better early than late. HUgs for a mmmmmmonday morning.

  10. Знакомства
    Voodoosida7 months ago

    Part of being an honest person, is to not take a comment and make the worst possible assumption about that comment.

  11. Free gay latino web sites Naked Images
    Kajijind7 months ago

    I think he has clinical depression.

  12. Free gay latino web sites Naked Images
    Dojinn7 months ago

    Christians believe Jesus died. How is that not something lost?

  13. Знакомства
    Shakar7 months ago

    True that. If you hate other groups of people that exist you should demand the right to keep awareness of them out of schools too. I mean, why would you want kids to learn about the world they live in when it pertains to things you don't like?

  14. Malagore
    Malagore7 months ago

    Ahhh it like you?re talking to yourself LOL??????No problem champ you?ll do better next time! Have a good day!

  15. Free gay latino web sites Naked Images
    Toshicage6 months ago

    It is clear the purpose of the Bible is to defend only 3 words

  16. Знакомства
    Nedal6 months ago

    So you?ve reduced us to our mere social appetite. If ?socializing? is our greatest human desire and the core of humanity, then we nothing more than sophisticated apes. The primate family thrives as well as many other species do on social behaviors. So if this is your ?purest expression of humanity? please spare us the fluff of calling us ?social creatures? or humane for that matter. If you are reducing us to animal behavior, then call us what you want to say and call us ?social animals?. For to be a creature implies a soul of a higher creation beyond our animal behaviors and bodies. The soul doesn?t yearn for a party. The soul yearns for intimacy. A spiritual connection. Parties and hookup culture is nothing more than ape orgies of the animal nature. While a tea party sounds more humanly sophisticated, it is still superfial with social graces and fancy appearances.

  17. Tygonris
    Tygonris6 months ago

    No one should. But if you do and it says the whole land knew about his miracles while he was committing them - what does that mean?

  18. Free gay latino web sites Naked Images
    Goltijinn5 months ago

    Life went fantastic for me! I traveled to over 40 countries, worked all over the world and got to work with the military both in Afghanistan and other postings. I got to see and do things not even multi-millionaires have done!

  19. Nisar
    Nisar5 months ago

    That reminds me of this phrase: We have to kill those who kill in order to teach them killing is wrong.

  20. Free gay latino web sites Naked Images
    Gular5 months ago

    He should use it to smooth out his scrotum sack of a chin.

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