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"I don't know exactly why. I don't think its all social conditioning. I do know it starts young. like before the age of 10. A boy, most of the time will just push, shove, or even punch when something doesn't go right. Then they are over it. I remember my childhood where we would get into fistfights and be over it half an hour later. Rubbed some dirt on it, got a drink from the hose, on to the next topic. Girls, as I remember, would get catty and hold grudges. They would cut each other down verbally in ways where, frankly, I'd rather have gotten punched.. I do remember that later, the bigger bullies (boys) would start using the cut downs and by high school they were every bit as vicious as I remember the girls being. Now, take the tendency to want to use your hands to settle stuff from before high school. Add a huge dose of hormones and insecurity and rejection. But you know you can't just use your fists, so you reach for an equalizer...A gun, a bomb, whatever."

Spartacus.. Woke up to my ex riding me.

Oblivions eyes widened as the god of its world did beckon said soul to it, it would like so many others steal the soul away from the eyes of Oblivion, never to be seen again. " Brandon replied. Chris was taking my top off and kissing my back and Bryan was rubbing his hands down my waist and pushing my skirt down with it.

Spartacus.. Woke up to my ex riding me.

" Larissa moaned extremely loud as we fucked her hard and fast. I figured we were this far, so I spread my legs a little further and bent over some more. I paid good money to fuck you to death, Kimi, and damn if I'm going to just get off, without getting ALL my money's worth out of that luscious body of yours.

I've had enough. I lifted up her skirt and pulled her thong down, it was so wet, and her smooth shaven little pussy was all shiny with her juices. " I was squirming on the bed, moaning with pleasure as this dirty, ugly, fat old pervert groped me.

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  1. Dolmaran
    Dolmaran11 months ago

    My entire OC was about whether or not the three main Abrahemic religions were valid.

  2. Chubby midget girls
    Kajirn11 months ago

    Of course but the Sanhedrin started it, No?

  3. Zulkinris
    Zulkinris11 months ago

    It would seem that Karen Armstrong has gone over to the dark side. Sad case.

  4. Kagam
    Kagam11 months ago

    "Abraham probably never existed. It?s been proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Hebrews were an offshute of the Canaanite."

  5. Faegor
    Faegor11 months ago

    Ah, you'll have to excuse me for lapsing into philosophy from habit. :) In philosophy, "Being" (w/ a capitalized "B") is the opposite of non-Being; Being is all-that-is, living or non-living. Every mote of the Universe is part of Being, in this sense of the term. In religion, the closest approximation to this might be Hinduism's idea of Brahman-as-Being, & Atman as each individual "being" (uncapitalized "b").

  6. Chubby midget girls
    Bralmaran10 months ago

    Jeez. It's so complicated. There can be differences between subjective and objective truths. The differences can be trivial, modest or very important. The difference seems to be objective truths, to the extent they exist at all, can be verified or tested somehow. Subjective truths may or may not be verifiable or testable.

  7. Chubby midget girls
    Masar10 months ago

    I want to address something you posted about me.

  8. Tojazragore
    Tojazragore10 months ago

    If you mean a trade war, I'll let the economists figure that out. It's above my pay grade.

  9. Taulmaran
    Taulmaran10 months ago

    If it isn't medically necessary, it should be up to the person getting the procedure performed. 8 days old is far too young to be able to give consent. Let the kid fightf it out himself when he's older. Time for the AMA to stop pushing this religious procedure as medically indicated.

  10. Juktilar
    Juktilar9 months ago

    Why would that form be an invention of yecers?

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