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"Like the democrats in the US the leftwingnuts up here hate Israel too"

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I, Lilith, promise it so.

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  1. Mezikinos
    Mezikinos8 months ago

    1) Pull the lever. One dies. Five live. No change if I know the one tied up on the side track.

  2. Akill
    Akill8 months ago

    No.. but ewwww. I am horrified!

  3. Naked frum girls
    Kajiran7 months ago

    if you want paid time off you have to do more than just mod the channel :)

  4. Aranris
    Aranris7 months ago

    When was that Protestant denomination formed?

  5. Знакомства
    Taushicage7 months ago

    The article mentioned this goes beyond sex. It says men like to punish women who act too "masculine" (someone who they think is loud, pushy and assertive)

  6. Naked frum girls
    Dougal7 months ago

    That actually sounds like people making up stories because they hadn't put much thought into it.

  7. Donos
    Donos7 months ago

    scientists follow where the evidence takes them. Completely different

  8. Знакомства
    Kazrale7 months ago

    He actually believes Paul invented a false Christianity, I think.

  9. Naked frum girls
    Dill6 months ago

    Right? Apparently staring can work?

  10. Знакомства
    Mikahn6 months ago

    So you want me to believe in strawberries and your evidence is the claim that they taste good.

  11. Mezizahn
    Mezizahn6 months ago

    You can hardly say it isn't reliable for dating, because dating is a mess. Egyptian dating and timelines are a mess too, and it's not just because of carbon dating.

  12. Naked frum girls
    Zolorn5 months ago

    Philosophically speaking, I believe your argument is wrong.

  13. Naked frum girls
    Meztidal5 months ago

    I hate the expectations too. It doesn?t mean that just because the Ex used to consent/ like this or that, you?d be the same.

  14. Gardasar
    Gardasar5 months ago

    You know nothing about that war

  15. Kajizil
    Kajizil5 months ago

    I voted PC.

  16. Akinor
    Akinor5 months ago

    Oh shit. I'll bring my dialysis machine. We might need it.

  17. Nejar
    Nejar5 months ago

    I have an app for that on my phone. Life changing.

  18. Kezragore
    Kezragore5 months ago

    That's why I stopped reading there. It looked like they were about to dive face first into another biblical premised assertion of fact to which no facts support.

  19. Vulrajas
    Vulrajas4 months ago

    Bottom line, religion stinks.

  20. Ketaur
    Ketaur4 months ago

    I finally just decided to take charge of my health again because if I don't, who will?? In my case, there wasn't a lot that was significantly wrong, and it was a relief to find out. It's good your wife finally saw her doctor. There are medications she can take and diets she can follow that will lessen her symptoms.

  21. Naked frum girls
    Yodal4 months ago

    Most of the cells in the body would be consider alive, I think, barring hair, nails, etc.

  22. Akicage
    Akicage4 months ago

    Again, if you want to make the claim that Israel is a product of God, then you are claiming God is responsible for the Holocaust since that was the driving factor behind the creation of that nation. Only an asshat would worship a god that was responsible for the Holocaust.

  23. Goltizilkree
    Goltizilkree4 months ago

    No you cannot.

  24. Kagajas
    Kagajas3 months ago

    You are...You just don't know it.

  25. Zololabar
    Zololabar3 months ago

    That actually sounds like people making up stories because they hadn't put much thought into it.

  26. Знакомства
    Dotaur3 months ago

    Human nature counters your argument, don?t you think that it?s more likely that slavery took place because of the profit motive than in the name of God? And that when the profits were not large enough anymore, the trade would be curtailed?

  27. Gokree
    Gokree3 months ago

    What about slavery today in secular UK?

  28. Mazukus
    Mazukus3 months ago

    OK.....tell me which of the 135 killed on duty last year were "killed by white Americans?"

  29. Kara
    Kara2 months ago

    I?m a gambling man baby

  30. Знакомства
    Brajinn2 months ago

    no, because if it's all a set up ie the audience is part of it, as is the camera crew, then it's not even a good old fashioned magic trick. It's just a fake thing, and not worthy of a good quality magician. Anyone could do it, and no real skill.

  31. Знакомства
    Kicage2 months ago

    hilarious stuff, hates PC but censors the word crap

  32. Naked frum girls
    Dunos2 months ago

    But it can also bring pain and suffering. Which this world already has enough to spare.

  33. Bagis
    Bagis2 months ago

    Well...I believe that the Temple being restored today in Israel would be a sign that God's Word is close to being completely fulfilled.

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