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"I asked, but TFCC has so far not given a single concrete example of how this relates to the Religion channel. The only claim is that it somehow establishes authenticity for "settlement sites", although I'm not sure how a 20 year correction in the time range changes anything."

kasaiXO - POV BJ

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aug 242017 21:16 Hrs Kruger Bush Facce Before the pair starts the pickup, Hullette cals out "One of you get her range rover and drive it.

I saw cocks of all kinds fucking me off. Pulling out when he's done,turning around to pull up his pants hearing Candi vomiting copious amount of cum and the contents of her stomach all over the back of the tailgate As Hullette continues to thrust in and out of her ass, Candi in a ob fails to hear the rustling in the bush behind them.

" faec said Lucy, "ever since we got back from Cmu, when you were so kind to sit for him, he has been very. I was getting close to orgasming already and started fucking Rick harder and bucking back against Chris' fingers but Bryan wouldn't let me go to far from his cock and held my head close and I was in absolute awe at how good it felt.

I started to suck it and it hardened up in my mouth and throat. "No problem honey, but you keep that one, and I will get another from my room" I said, "ok, hurry" she said while smiling again. "Aw man, good game mj.

I finally got fully in and gave a sigh, her pussy was great. "Yes, Brent, I'm sorry, but this hurts like hell, stop!" I said in pure pain.

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  1. Cum on my face
    Dairn10 months ago

    We have stuff with them all the time after work

  2. Знакомства
    Kitilar10 months ago

    Love that show.

  3. Знакомства
    Zoloshura10 months ago

    Did anyone die for your sins on the Cross in the Quaran?

  4. Cum on my face
    Arasida10 months ago

    Isn't every child a sinner?

  5. Знакомства
    Gardazahn9 months ago

    You're wrong again; surprise surprise. I posted evidence showing your error and yet you insist upon ignoring the evidence in favour of your ludicrous beliefs.

  6. Tauzil
    Tauzil9 months ago

    Yes, it's the same rationale that Hitler used - anyone who isn't Aryan isn't human, Jews aren't Aryan, so they're not human, so there's nothing wrong with killing them.

  7. Знакомства
    Nara9 months ago

    My answer is I do not know what you expect from them, except to act and react in the way they are treated by others.

  8. Vorg
    Vorg9 months ago

    Yep, JWs are very comfortable with a lot of things. The biggest of all that comforts them is your and my death and your neighbor's and loved ones and 99% of humanity that according to JW doctrine will die when their god Jehovah brings about the "end of this system of things," i.e., the end of the world they call Armageddon, a change they fervently pray for daily.

  9. Tojajas
    Tojajas9 months ago

    She won't even speak to me.

  10. Samuzragore
    Samuzragore9 months ago

    Because I walk my dog everyday..sometimes twice a day and I see a lot of people in the neighborhood and I run into her and she starts talking to me. I keep the conversations short but I couldn't even downright ignore her. I'm not hurting from the comments. I just see it for what it is.

  11. Знакомства
    Voodookazahn9 months ago

    Great video! Thanks!

  12. Kile
    Kile8 months ago

    the argument your have yet to engage with.

  13. Cum on my face
    Goltilkree8 months ago

    Sorry. I had just got caught up in reading some 'end times'er stuff, about prophecies and all. Musta let it go to my head, LOL.

  14. Tozuru
    Tozuru8 months ago

    Because they went extinct. Because as offshoots from it became better adapted to the environment, they were able to be out compete the predecessors.

  15. Знакомства
    Faetilar8 months ago

    Geh. TY for your efforts. I must admit the results were unexpected to me.

  16. Знакомства
    Zologal8 months ago

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Shakazahn
    Shakazahn7 months ago

    YOUR god is a monster, plain and simple and attributing your gawds actions to what happened in that video is foolish.

  18. Tygohn
    Tygohn7 months ago

    but kfc is much better than a pack of smokes :o

  19. Знакомства
    Vudogore7 months ago

    State of euphoria?

  20. Kizilkree
    Kizilkree7 months ago

    ?Then the high priest rent his clothes, saying, He hath spoken blasphemy; what further need have we of witnesses?? Matthew 26:65

  21. Baran
    Baran7 months ago

    Maybe the kids learned that neo-notzi stuff from their parents though. :(

  22. Tajind
    Tajind7 months ago

    Ha! Reminds me of our German culture orientation we had when we arrived at post in Germany. Had a group, they had a black man kiss a white girl and then asked how we all felt about that. When they got to me I said the only thing that bothered me is they were kissing in public. Being a bit amazed he group facilitator asked why and I replied "My mom would point out the people who were holding hands in public."

  23. Jugal
    Jugal7 months ago

    God interprets it pretty good right here.

  24. Zusida
    Zusida6 months ago

    You are once again making a claim without any proof. The maxim "nothing self-creates in nature" directly follows from the same very laws of preservation of mass-energy that are being violated in quantum physics.

  25. Cum on my face
    Jurn6 months ago

    I can measure the wind using physical instruments. This ain't aerodynamic science.

  26. Gashura
    Gashura6 months ago

    No shit. That's why I'm a frigid selfish man hating soulless harridan :oD

  27. Cum on my face
    Balar6 months ago

    LOL exactly! It's a machine they use in the store,sadly. I want one for home so I can see how gross I am on a regular basis.

  28. Знакомства
    JoJojinn5 months ago

    You mean what the Bible regards as sin. How despicably circular.

  29. Cum on my face
    Goltitaur5 months ago

    it's time you take control!

  30. Tygosar
    Tygosar5 months ago

    And neither next time round...

  31. Brarisar
    Brarisar5 months ago

    Fiction and fantasy are big sellers. Not non fiction.

  32. Cum on my face
    Vukinos5 months ago

    You are welcome, and I appreciate those who are able to argue civilly. I think for a person who is grossly negligent in his actions and refuses to repent and change his ways, they should be formally dismissed from the church. Then, it would be fair to say that they are no longer "Christians" However, that is a slippery slope, as I would say a good portion of the people who claim to be Christians on this channel do not exhibit the "fruits" of Christianity or followers of Jesus Christ. I am disgusted that many of them rather let women and children starve then to have to provide for them through a tiny portion of their taxes. They support and endorse capitalist greed that has overtaken the US and do not feel the rich owe anything to the poor or to those who break their backs and have no life working in companies that make their shareholders so rich that they could not possibly spend that money in 10 lifetimes. None of that seems very "Christlike" to me.

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