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Enlarged facial veins Face And Body Veins

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"I can fill in with bits if she slows down with her stories ;)"

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smoke sighs - Scene 3

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  1. Voodookazahn
    Voodookazahn2 months ago

    Being 0% sure that something "is," is not the same as being 100% sure that it "is not."

  2. Faule
    Faule1 month ago

    I hope you are human. Are you sure you understood the question?

  3. Enlarged facial veins Face And Body Veins
    Mujin1 month ago

    I actually like talking to people who don't want to argue all the time and just want to laugh. #teamecho

  4. Enlarged facial veins Face And Body Veins
    Voodookazahn1 month ago

    You're again refusing to accept your mistake. The law is the law. The law was followed. The law could only be followed in one way in this case and it was followed in that way. There is no other interpretation you could come up with in this case. There is no questionable intent in this case. Race wasn't a fact.

  5. Fele
    Fele1 month ago

    This guy thinks he has a cognizant thought ^^

  6. Aragami
    Aragami1 month ago

    Traditional classroom environments just don't work for some kids. At least you cared enough to recognize that.

  7. Знакомства
    Arazahn1 month ago

    No reason or evidence to think some Christian god did it.

  8. Enlarged facial veins Face And Body Veins
    Brakus3 weeks ago

    There also has never been one with such a low approval rating during a solid economy either. Or one under such a historic investigation.

  9. Знакомства
    Turn2 weeks ago

    Just how did you determine that everything has a beginning? And by the way, the Big Bang simply changed the universe into the form that we know it. The universe did not "come to be." Nothing to do with having one's eyes on the presidency, but a lot to do with your ignorance of basic science. Once again, spare us your cheap, dishonest apologetics.

  10. Enlarged facial veins Face And Body Veins
    Meztizilkree1 week ago

    Hes the GOAT but I'm not one of these people who believes he walked on water

  11. Tojazragore
    Tojazragore3 days ago

    ok and I'm not denying religions have done these things.

  12. Знакомства
    Arakasa2 days ago

    "Room for improvement"? I don't think you understand how evolution theory works.

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